How To

Saunas and bathhouses have long been incorporated into health and communal routines across the globe from Finland to Japan.  With different routines and traditions each sauna method is unique to both its culture and individuals.  Explore and incorporate different sauna routines to create your personal Sauna Nirvana!


Finnish Sauna

It is estimated that there is nearly one sauna for every two Finns, and with one of the oldest and most ingrained sauna traditions - even the President and Prime Minister of Finland have official saunas - there are numerous ways to enjoy Finnish sauna routines. 

Watch the video below to see for yourself just how important saunas are in Finnish life!


Click the link below to learn more about Finnish sauna routines, as well as etiquette and tips should you wish to enjoy a sauna whether in Finland or in your home sauna!


Russian Banya

An integral part of Russian culture, the banya, aka sauna, is mentioned in Russian literary sources dating as far back 945 CE.  Typically characterized by ventilation style, black banyas have open fires and vent smoke through a hole in the ceiling, thus coloring the interior wood finish black; whereas white banyas vent smoke through a chimney on an enclosed wood fire stove.  Banyas are typically run at high temperatures, often in excess of 200 Fahrenheit (93 Celsius), and users traditionally cool extremities by donning wool or felt caps, brushing themselves with bundles of dried birch leaves, and sitting on fabric mats.